Equipment We Have
Professional Sound Requires Professional Equipment.

Our Music
We have an extensive library of music that has been PURCHASED. It is however impossible to have every song ever produced. If there is a particular band, or song that is a must for your event please let us know  and we wil be happy to add it to our collection.

Our Mixer
Our mixer is the new Mackie PROFX12 USB mixer. We chose the USB mixer because it has a decoder built in eliminating the noise that typical lap top sound cards produce. The Digital file is sent striaght to the mixer via a USB cable. Effects are available per channel on board so tweeking your particular sound is easy.

Our Microphones
We use only professional micropones from Shure, Audio technica, or AKG. Just to stress it, pro sound requires pro equipment.

Our Speakers
We use American Audio and Behringer amplified speakers with 15" Woofers and 550 Watts output from each speaker. This can really fill a room with sound, and the bass response from the 15" woofers is incredible.

Our lighting
We offer several different lighting options including sound active PAR cans of various sizes up to 500 Watts in various colors, sound active PIN spot lights in a wide array of colors, sound active moon flowers, sound active agressors, and strobe lights. Smoke and bubble machines are also available depending on the venue (smoke detectors don't particularly like smoke machines).

Back Up Equipment
We have duplicate back-up equipment, and cables available on a moments notice. When you look to hire a DJ for a special event especially a wedding it is very important to insure that the company you are hiring has back-up equipment and personel. People get sick, and equipment is reliable, but not infallible.